Below there is the complete list of Intellectual Outputs that will be produced during the project:

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IO1 - The most relevant transversal skills needed by future Textile and Clothing professionals

This report, which is the result of in-depth desk and field research carried out by all FACTIVE partners, describes the most required skills for the European T&C companies and the most suitable and effective training methods to transfer these skills to VET students and young employees. The field research saw the participation of more than 100 companies and around 50 VET experts. The report is freely available, to download the document, please fill in the form available through this link:

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IO2 - FACTIVE learning methodology

It will result in a flexible, integrated and innovative learning approach for the T&C VET institution, based on the flipped classroom methodology, in order to overcome the limits of traditional VET training approaches.

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IO3 - FACTIVE Training Toolkit

It will be composed by a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) created to improve the knowledge and skills of VET learners; specific attention will be given to non-technological innovation and internationalisation.

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IO4 - FACTIVE Handbook

It will be composed by a Handbook containing guidelines for VET teachers and VET trainers in order to help them to adopt the FACTIVE approach.

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IO5 - Compendium of Pilot Testing Reports

The Compendium will be focused on the relevant results and aspects detected during the pilot phase.

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IO6 - FACTIVE Community of practice

It is a community of practice for VET trainers and providers, with the aim of enabling them to share knowledge, ideas and solutions to improve T&C VET training. Join the FACTIVE Community of practice on Linkedin.