The FACTIVE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

The FACTIVE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) “Sustainability in the Textile and Clothing Industry” has been published on the Udemy platform and is currently available worldwide.
To enroll, just follow the link: Sustainability in the textile and clothing industry
The course includes two hours of video content, divided into several learning units. The videos are in English with subtitles in English, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan.

Each learning unit consists of:

  •  Video lectures, each with a duration of 3-5 minutes, focusing on a specific aspect of the learning unit subject.
  •  Quizzes, to reinforce your learning and to help you self-evaluate your level of knowledge of the learning unit contents.
  •  Resources/materials: to provide you with further readings, relevant open educational resources, link to online websites, etc.