The main activities foreseen by the project are:

  • Development of a new flexible, integrated, innovative learning approach for the T&C VET Trainers, based on the flipped classroom methodology, in order to overcome the limits of traditional, too theoretical, VET training approaches;
  • Integration of the TECLO MOOC with new contents, based on real work situations defined with the collaboration of T&C European companies;
  • Validation of the FACTIVE approach by project partners;
  • Piloting of the FACTIVE approach by relevant stakeholders;
  • Animation of a Community of practice for VET trainers and providers;
  • Development of a Handbook for VET teacher and trainers containing guidelines about how to use the Training Toolkit and how to evaluate learning outcomes.

Expected results

During the 24 months of the project, the consortium will merge its efforts to achieve the following results:

  • A field research, as specific as possible, aiming to identify the main needed skills of European Textile and Clothing enterprises (specific focus will be dedicated to SMEs), with a focus on non-technological innovation and internationalisation (IO1);
  • The definition of a flipped classroom methodology (IO2) specifically designed to overcome the limits of traditional VET training approaches;
  • The design and development of a Training Toolkit, including:
    • a MOOC programme (IO3) that will expand the topics already dealt with in the TECLO MOOC, according to the field research results;
    • a Handbook containing guidelines for VET teachers and VET trainers interested in adopting the FACTIVE approach (IO4);
    • a Compendium of the most relevant results achieved during the piloting phase of the FACTIVE Training Toolkit (IO5).
  • A community of practice for VET trainers and providers, specifically focused on T&C VET education.