Below there is the complete list of Intellectual Outputs that will be produced during the project:

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IO1 - The most relevant transversal skills needed by future Textile and Clothing professionals

This report, which is the result of in-depth desk and field research carried out by all FACTIVE partners, describes the most required skills for the European T&C companies and the most suitable and effective training methods to transfer these skills to VET students and young employees. The field research saw the participation of more than 100 companies and around 50 VET experts. The report is freely available, to download it click here.

IO2 - FACTIVE learning methodology

The handbook "Flipped Classroom - Reinvent your teaching practice" is a product of the cooperation of teachers and pedagogical practitioners from different European countries. It aims at making the Flipped Classroom methodology, promoted by the FACTIVE project together with Gamification - easy to understand, thanks to insights by teachers, teaching case studies, tricks, and implementation hacks. The handbook is freely available, to download it click here.

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IO3 - FACTIVE Training Toolkit

The FACTIVE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) aims to analyse the textile and clothing industry from a sustainability point of view, with a particular focus on the new processes, business models and technologies that can be used for an improvement of the environmental impact of the T&C sector. Click here to watch all the course video lectures (in English with subtitles and completely free).

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IO4 - FACTIVE Handbook

This handbook includes a set of instruments that aim to enhance the training dynamics through the Flipped Classroom model, considered as one of the latest pedagogical models having the potential to change the current traditional way of teaching. It aggregates the knowledge acquired throughout the project, through the consultation of VET experts and companies, the development of the FACTIVE Learning Methodology and the FACTIVE Training Toolkit.

Click here to download the complete handbook (in English) freely.

A summary of the handbook, which includes the guidelines and the toolkit, is available in all the following languages and can be freely downloaded as well: EN - ES - FR - GR - IT - NL - PT - SL

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IO5 - Compendium of Pilot Testing Reports

All partners country piloted the FACTIVE methodology and training toolkit.
Click here to watch a video summary of the results.
Click here to download the Compendium of Pilot Testing Reports (in English) freely.

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IO6 - FACTIVE Community of practice

It is a community of practice for VET trainers and providers, with the aim of enabling them to share knowledge, ideas and solutions to improve T&C VET training. Join the FACTIVE Community of practice on Linkedin.
The FACTIVE consortium, following a participative methodology, also created a white paper suggesting 8 different actions to promote business/VET education synergies by giving practical tips, indications and examples and highlighting the benefits arising from such a collaboration for all the involved actors.
Click here to download the White Paper (in English) freely.