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On June 7, the FACTIVE partnership met to review the progress of the project.

The meeting followed a hybrid format with some partners on-site, in Ljubljana, and others joining remotely.  

The Erasmus+ National Agency from Portugal, represented by Ana Cunha, participated remotely to the meeting.

CITEVE, the project coordinator, started with an overview if the administrative aspects.  

Afterwards, STEP, the host of the meeting, organized an internal workshop to define the FACTIVE flipped classroom methodology using blended tools to facilitate the participation of all partners (on-site and remote). 

Then, LCU, as leader of the IO3 – FACTIVE Training Toolkit, reviewed the progress of the work and updated their workplan. 

CIAPE, the leader of the FACTIVE Community of practice, showed the progress of the platform through some quantitative indicators. 

The communication area was presented by its leader, AEI Tèxtils. The main highlight is the recent elaboration and the presentation of the communication project biannual report. This one, compilates all the dissemination made by the project and its partners at all levels during this first period.

IVOC-IREC presented the results and conclusions of the field research to identify the most necessary skills and training needs in the textile industry.

Based on the outcomes of the study, the consortium decided the target groups for the virtual courses and the specific aspects they will cover.

Finally, Cre.Thi.Dev, as the quality leader of the project, presented the results of the last meeting assessment.